Monday, April 21, 2008

Free Internet Speed Test

Try a Free Internet Speed Test Today

Broadband Internet connection has brought joy to millions of faces. We no longer have to wait to load pages from Internet unlike dial-up connections and the phone bills are not shooting up northwards either. All is well …. Ok well, until you start noticing that PC does not download faster than say 32 kbps while the speed committed by the ISP was 256 kbps. If you are working from a home office work from your end gets affected badly and you try to resolve by restarting the system, shutting down all unused programs, etc. In fact a PC can tell the speed capacity of the DSL but not of Internet Speed. Sometimes, it should correct and pick up speed. If it did not give a solution and you encounter same problem with every website you are visiting, it calls for some serious thinking.

You should know if your ISP has committed to provide 256 kbps, he should be doing so, although, there are some factors such as peak Internet usage time where it is not the same amount of speed with any of the ISPs. So check which time of the day, the Internet speed is slow and whether during any time of the day, it touched the 256 kbps. If it didn’t and if you are getting as low speed at most of times of the day, then you may have to summon your broadband connection provider.

There are many websites that offer to test your broadband connection speed for free such as speakeasy, abeltronica, myspeed, wugnet,, etc that are reasonably good and they also offer nominal fee Internet speed test at regular intervals. The results may not be 100% accurate but they sure give you an idea of your Internet speed. Search for one such website and test your Internet speed. If it points out a low speed than promised by your service provider, it is time for you to take action on your broadband service provider.

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